How Do You Win The Dreidel Game?

 How Do You Win The Dreidel Game? Find Out With These 8 Tips

The dreidel (aka Sevivon) game is a fun tradition that has been played for decades during Hanukkah. The reason we play it dates back centuries ago to the time of the Maccabees. It began with a mean King named Antiochus who didn’t like the Jewish way of life and decided to ban Jewish practices; like studying Torah. When he came around, our people quickly hid their books and Torah underground while the kids played dreidel to distract them. And wouldn’t you know it, it worked! Today, we keep the tradition alive by playing the dreidel game using gelt (or chocolate coins) as currency.

So how do you beat your family and friends at the dreidel game? We did our own research but more importantly talked with you! Yes, this article was inspired from our very own Jewbees customers. They swear by these tips and so we took the top 5 and wanted to share them with you. Hopefully this year you’ll crush it at the dreidel game and be worthy of wearing this shirt . In fact, after reading this article, order yours so you can wear it proudly and intimidate your competition (because let’s face it, with these tips you’ll be undefeated!)

1. Use A Heavy Dreidel 

The heavier the dreidel the more momentum you’ll get and the longer it will spin. With that being said, it’ll spin longer than a lighter dreidel, because it takes longer for a heavier dreidel to stop spinning.


2. Use Your Fingers To Do The Spinning (It’s All About The Setup)

When you grab your dreidel, don’t hold it at the base where the stem of the dreidel meets the dreidel body. Instead, Grab your dreidel at the top of the stem. This allows you to use your fingers to do the spinning and the “wind up”. When you do this, it allows your dreidel to spin faster and longer!


3. Go First!

It is said that if you spin first, mathematically you’ll end up with the largest pot at the end. Now, we’re not sure how we can prove this. The dreidel game is a game of chance, but this was a tip submitted to us over and over again by our very own Jewbees customers. Therefore, it must be gold! They swear by this little tidbit, and so we’re sharing it with you. Opt to go first in the dreidel game, and your chances of ending up with the largest pot at the end, are much higher!


4. Buy A Trick Dreidel

Ya of course we had to throw this one in. This is something we stumbled across and had to use as a tip. A trick dreidel has Gimel on every side. That way, when you spin you’ll always win. Now, we’re not advocates of cheating, but we are HUGE advocates of practical jokes and this one is just too good to pass up. We have no affiliation with this company what so ever, but all of the proceeds go to Toys of Hope; an organization which provides books, clothes, toys and other necessary items to the homeless and/or needy families. So ya, double whammy! You get to play a trick on your family and friends while helping those in need. #It’saHanukkahmiracle. Get one here


5. Spin The Dreidel On Glass Or Wood

Why? Well this allows for a smoother spin. There aren’t many cracks (but always examine your surface first) and therefore your dreidel will spin longer. You don’t want to choose a surface that has cracks like the floor. Then, you’ll have unnecessary interference leaving you no chance to dominate!


6. Spin The Dreidel Upside-Down

Now, depending on how serious your family/friends are about the rules of the dreidel game, this may be a new hack to try. Spinning the dreidel upside-down and using your whole body to spin it (so instead of using just your fingers, you get the momentum from your body) is a good technique to keep your dreidel spinning longer. There is no exact way to use your whole body as each individual has to find what works best for him or her. However, the technique in itself has caused many of our Jewbees customers to win the dreidel game! Oddly enough, 23 customers had submitted a similar tip like this one, so we thought it was worth sharing. So test it out. Turn your dreidel upside-down and spin it using your fingers but with the momentum of your whole body. It helps too, to take a few deep breaths before your spin. One you 3rd exhale, spin. This puts your body in a parasympathetic state or a state of “relaxation and calm.” This allows you to use your whole body without adrenaline taking over. Good luck! 


7. Dry Hands Get The Job Done

Do you sweat through your hands and feet? If so, that’s normal but it needs to be controlled when you’re playing the dreidel game. Grab some chalk or pure corn starch (baby powder) and put it on your hands before it’s your turn to spin. This way, your sweat won’t interfere with your spin. Since you’ll be holding your dreidel perpendicular (see #8) your grip needs to be secure and steady.


8. How The Dreidel Perpendicular To Your Smooth Surface

This will allow you to maximize your speed and duration of the spin. When you release your dreidel at a perpendicular angle, it will spin longer and faster at it’s highest speed, which in turn, will have your dreidel spinning the longest!

Now, take 1 or all 8 of these tidbits and go win at dreidel! Remember, rub in your success to all your components by sporting this shirt or this one. If you aren’t a dreidel player yourself, then find someone you can share these tips with and bet on them! Get them a shirt to motivate and inspire them to WIN! Good luck to each and every one of you!

If you have another tip to add, PLEASE let us know. You can email us at  and we just may add it in. We hope you have a wonderful Hanukkah filled with traditions, latkes, dreidels, presents, light, and family. Happy early Hanukkah!

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