Ugly Hanukkah Sweaters

Ugly Hanukkah Sweaters:
Don’t Be The Jew Who Feels Left Out At This Year’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Ah, the classic “ugly sweater.” Listen, this year you aren’t gonna feel left out being Jewish, because WE GOT YOU. We know what it’s like to be one of the only Jewish people in an office or part of an organization. It’s all about Christmas, and Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties. They may call it an “Ugly Sweater Party”— but truth be told, it’s Christmas themed.

We don’t want you running from store to store looking for the 3 Hanukkah shirts available hidden in the back. It’s a pain in the tuchas, and kinda makes you feel crappy doesn’t it? Trust us, we know. That’s why we have some sweet original fun and funny ugly Hanukkah sweaters. Ones you won’t find in stores, because they don’t exist. We design each and every one in house because we want you to feel special, stylish and comfortable all at once. We want you to take over any room you walk into and be the topic of conversation. Our sweaters get people talking (just read some of our reviews!)

We have over 15 Hanukkah ugly sweater inspired designs and counting! We figured you don’t want to be sweating at your party, so we have ugly sweater long sleeve tee’s as well and man are they comfortable.

Every design we have comes in both long sleeve tee’s and crew neck sweatshirts; because while some of you may live in New York, others live in Arizona. Plus when you’re indoors, it can get super hot super fast.

Let us tell you, our sweatshirts are awesome. They are thin, but warm. It’s one of those perfect combinations. It’ll keep you warm when needed, but it’s not too hot either. It’s a comfortable unisex fit (perfect for an “ugly sweater”) and something you’ll wanna wear around the house after Hanukkah. Seriously so comfortable and soft.


Oh, and just incase you were wondering; Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Bill Cosby in The Cosby Show were said to be the “trend setters” of ugly holiday sweaters.

One last thing.

Studies continue to show us time and time again that laughter is one of the best medicines to help with depression, anxiety, frustration, anger, illness, cancer, etc. The holidays, believe it or not, are one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. This is due to the crazy amounts of money spent and the extra long time hanging out relatives.

Sorry Aunt Sheila and Uncle Tom, but it’s true.

Help yourself and your family kick anxiety to the curb by wearing one of our ugly Hanukkah sweaters because you’re bound to laugh at how weird and unique they are. Plus, they’re comfortable, stylish, and different.

You can’t find them in stores, because we create each and every design in house with love and a sense of humor.

There you have it.

15 and counting Hanukkah ugly sweater designs that will:

  • Help you feel included (and stand out) at this year’s Christmas Ugly Sweater Party without compromising your Jewish Heritage.
  • It will help you and your family rid some holiday induced anxiety and stress. 
  • Our sweaters are so comfortable and so much better than Grandma’s “one size fits none” kitting pattern
  • It will give you the perfect amount of warmth (whether it’s with a sweatshirt or long sleeve tee) without the itch!
  • It won’t “break the bank” as you’ll find each ugly sweater garment is affordable.
  • It may possibly give you an idea for a white elephant gift, because every Jewish person needs an ugly Hanukkah sweater!
  • Most importantly, you’ll become a part of the Jewbees Tribe and movement; to help save the world’s bees. That’s right. Every purchase helps saves the bees from being extinct. You can read more about it here on our website.

We can’t wait for you to browse our catalog.

Please, help us help you, and every other Jewish person out there, by passing Jewbees along. This way, NO Jewish person will feel left out this year (and forever!)


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