How do I know what size to order?!

We made this super simple for you. Under the product of your choice, there will be a sizing chart in the photos section (just scroll down, you can't miss it). Each item in that section will have it's own sizing chart. Keep in mind, they do run a bit small. If you're uncertain or in between- go up a size. 

If you still get confused or can't find worries:

Follow These Instructions:

1. Click on "catalog" at the top of Jewbees Home Page

2. Choose the collection you're interested in (for this example, you'll choose Adult Tees)

3. Click the item you're interested in 

4.  Once clicked, you'll see a big image of the tshirt and to the right will be the model, color, and size options. SCROLL DOWN.

5. As you scroll down, you'll see all the variants (colors/styles) of that specific shirt. At the bottom of all those images, you'll find the sizing charts. 

6. BE SURE, to choose the sizing chart that matches the model. That way, you will know how to measure for that exact style :)  

 Be sure to review this, so you can order the right size the first time and wear out your new AWESOME apparel immediately!