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Buzzing through Instagram in style, Jewbees is where you go when you’re looking for a fun, Jewish themed garment to wear! We believe humor and the way people express themselves through their clothes is the best way to bring Jews together to help them BEE proud of their Judaism.

You must be wondering how we came up with our adorable name... Well, we’re happy you asked! Jews & Bees (yes 🐝’s) are very close to our hearts. So, when you shop with Jewbees, you will find high quality garments with our original designs (not sold in stores), but more importantly you will be supporting a very important cause at the same time: Saving the bees in Israel and the world! They’re in danger and it’s crucial that we help them. 

Did you know that the honey bees are disappearing? This frightening phenomenon is called ’Colony Collapse Disorder’, and if the world doesn’t do something about it, it could be a disaster to many crops around the globe and certain fruits and vegetables could be wiped out. YES, WIPED OUT. There are a few reasons why this is happening, but mainly it’s because of the deadly varroa mite.

We partnered with , an Israeli company dedicated to finding the solution to the bee crisis. They’re on the cutting edge of researching and developing technology that is able to combat the varroa mite from within the hive!

is planning to prove their technology by saving the Israeli bees and use them as the beacon of hope from which to then save bees all over the world. 

They will be receiving a portion of every Jewbees sale, so every time you buy a Jewbees shirt or hoodie, you’ll be contributing to saving the honey bees!

We invite you to join the Jewbees family and BEE a hero!

Read more about our very important cause below:

Honeybees pollinate 70 out of 100 crop species that literally feed 1/3 of the world. Without pollination we could lose all of those plants, fruits and vegetables that give us a lot of nutrients, and from there all of the animals that eat those plants, and up the food chain we go. In other words, without honey bees, the world would struggle day in and day out to sustain the human population of 7 billion. Grocery stores would have about half the vegetables and fruits that are available to us now.

That’s where Dr. Avi Ben Shimon stepped up in the hopes to find a solution for the deadly varroa mite. He realized that the mite was the main concern in the disappearance of the bee hives all over the world, and in Israel as well. This mite, or rather hundreds of millions of mites, feasts on the bees’ blood, enters their hive and procreates at a rapid rate.

This is what it looks like:

 A varroa mite that feeds on the bees transmits viral and bacterial infections to bees, similar to the way Malaria and HIV are transmitted in humans. 

Pretty scary right?

 Dr. Ben Shimon, who is a second generation beekeeper and whose father started keeping bees at age 10, has created the 1st automated device for precise delivery of bee healing compounds within hives which has shown a 98% Varroa reduction in just 2 weeks!

Mind blown? Yeah, us too. So where does that leave us?

We at Jewbees want to help save the bees in Israel and throughout the world by helping those like Dr. Ben Shimon continue their research and develop solutions to kill the varroa mite once and for all.

Jewbees is about bringing Jews together, celebrating Judaism, and saving our planet’s honey bees. We welcome you to BEE part of our Jewbees family.

With Much Love,

The Jewbees Team

Have you ever wondered why you can’t find a good Passover shirt or something that shows your inner Balaboosta? Yeah, us too! That’s why we created Jewbees to help bring our community together while saving the honeybees at the same time.